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The Ecosystem That Moves Your Day Forward

Seravi is packed with features creating the perfect ecosystem of communication, both for the sender as well as the receiver of information. When speaking with our pilot customers we’ve found endless possibilities of what they can do with the system, and how it helps them communicate.

For users receiving information – like you – Seravi means finally being able to build your own ecosystem of communication where you only listen to channels relevant to your life. Everyone’s lives are different, why are we receiving the same information?

Seravi Channels
The ecosystem that moves your day forward

How It Works

1. Create A Free Account

Seravi is free to use and without ads.

2. Choose What Channels To Listen To

Choose what’s relevant for you and your daily life.

3. Receive Relevant Information

Receive relevant Avis from the organisations that you have chosen to listen to.

Download Seravi

Available for iOS och Android

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Seravi Is Helpful Because It Is Relevant

Stay Updated

Government entities use Seravi to keep their citizens up to date. Everything from emergency notifications to information regarding planned maintenance can be efficiently distributed. Cities, counties, and municipalities use Seravi to distribute information regarding schools, retirement homes, care facilities, utility maintenance, as well as emergency notifications. Emergency services, such as the local fire station, can notify their audience if there is hazardous smoke in the air. The national defense entity can notify citizens in the unfortunate event of a war breaking out, or a natural disaster effecting the country. The uses for Seravi are endless for government entities.

Move Your Day Forward

Seravi-users create a personal ecosystem of communication by listening to channels that are relevant to their life. One app to receive important information from your local community, your children’s school, your landlord, your father’s caregiver, your utility provider, and pretty much any other organisation that you think has information relevant to your life.

Stay In Control

Schools use Seravi to notify specific classes (or other groups) of changes to their schedules, directing them to the correct classroom, for example. Seravi can also be used to keep parents and faculty informed, or make sure that the entire university campus is aware of dangers on the campus.

Places of work use Seravi to make sure that colleagues are kept in the know: the elevator not functioning, internet service is down, or the drinking water being contaminated are all good examples. The “Avi” sent using Seravi contains the necessary information for the receiver to take appropriate action.

Endless Possibilities

There are millions of possibilities. We are certain that you can think of a couple of scenarios where Seravi would have been helpful. Please share them with us! Also, feel free to spread the word: make sure that the organisations relevant to your life are aware that the new way to communicate is to use Seravi.

What organisation do you want in Seravi?