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Seravi For Organizations

Seravi gathers your customers – aka your audience – on their terms. They know that Seravi is only used for sending important information and are therefore more than happy to listen to you within the platform, and very receptive when you send them something.

An Organization might be a government entity, a corporation, or maybe even a sports association. Let us know how you plan on using Seravi.
Why Seravi?

Get Creative With Channels

Create Channels connected to your Organisation page within the Seravi app. Channels can be broad like a city-wide emergency channel, or very specific like a channel for a certain group of tenants within a large housing complex.

Send Relevant Avis

Your audience will like that they are only receiving information that is relevant to them. And since Avis are divided into levels of time-sensitivity your audience will be notified in a way appropriate for the information.

Trust is Everything

Seravi is meant only for sending information and our users trust that organizations on Seravi adhere to this rule. Based on this trust, you have the full attention of your audience when you do send them something.

Easy. Like really easy.

Seravi is easy to use, both for the representatives of organizations and for the users on the receiving end. We also make it easy for organizations to help their audience find the channels that are relevant to their lives. By generating QR-codes for each channel, for example!

Perfect for


Notify your fans of the latest information, as well as keep your players up to date on changes


Send information to a specific class to let them know of schedule changes


Make sure that affected people are updated on weather changes and forecasts



Help those affected to stay safe by keeping them updated on important information


Keep your employees informed, and your temps notified of scheduling needs


Notify affected persons about the progress of the construction

Real Estate

Keep specific groups of tenants informed of what is relevant to them


Reach those who rely on your help with information needed to facilitate your great work


Communicate with your citizens to keep them up to date on important information.


Advise commuters of traffic situations to lessen the congestion

Target an audience that is always interested and listening
How It Works

1. Set Up Organisation Page

Create an informative Organisation Page.

2. Create a Channel

Users listen to Channels – Create as many as you wish.

3. Send out Avis

Choose Avi-level and channel, add your information, then send it to your audience.

Send Avis to Your Audience. Now.

Size Does Not Matter.

Whether you represent a government authority, a small business, a regional organisation, or a global enterprise, we’ve got you covered. Seravi gives your organisation a platform that enables you to reach users with information that they want to receive, and will read.

Smooth And Efficient.

Seravi is a tool focused on delivering relevant information directly from the source to the recipient in a credible environment. Our team created this platform because we believe that we all deserve a tool that truly keeps an audience up to date on relevant information affecting their life.

More Features

Easily allocate roles and admin rights

Access to Superhero Support

Customizable organisation page

QR codes for your channels

No long-term contracts

Unlimited number of listeners

Send an unlimited number of Avis

Easy to use interface