Seravi AB
Based in Örebro, Sweden

Founding date:
July 6, 2017


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Seravi AB
c/o Inkubera
Stenbackevägen 6
702 25 Örebro

+46(0)10 207 9727


Seravi is your ecosystem of information. An ecosystem where you decide what is relevant or not. No matter what your day looks like, or what your routine is; if something affects your daily life, you’ll be instantly notified. With Seravi you’ll cut through all the irrelevant junk around you and stay connected with what is relevant to your life, immediately when your world changes around you.


Problem Areas

People do not have a standard system where they receive important information relevant to their lives. Consumer frustration is high due to people receiving information on multiple sources, often as a combination of relevant and important information together with irrelevant nonsense. The mix of useless garbage and relevant information creates an information overload, resulting in the person missing the relevant information. Furthermore, this information overload also makes it very easy to confuse verified sources with not verified sources, resulting in a high risk of receiving false information.


Seravi is the user’s ecosystem of urgent, relevant, and important information. By listening to channels applicable to one’s life, the user will only receive information that is relevant to them. No fluff. No stuff. Since Seravi is not aimed at one market or segment - we are an ecosystem for information - it does not matter what the information is. The user decides what is important and relevant to them.

Possibilities with Seravi

The possibilities are limitless in the Seravi ecosystem. We want to capture what is urgent and affecting the everyday life of real people, like you and me. Examples may include: - an aid organization looking for a lost person, asking if anyone can help - a landlord notifying residents in a specific property that their water will need to be turned off for one hour - authorities warning citizens of a natural disaster - a teacher informing affected students about a change of classrooms

Features within Seravi

- Three warning levels - Warning, Caution and Information - so that you are sure to immediately read the really important information – Open Channels - Private Channels - Geographical Warnings and Geo-Fencing - QR-codes to make it easy for users to listen to the channels relevant to their lives - Monitor Areas relevant to you, even if you aren’t there



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nomination Innovation of the Year." - Örebro City, 14 March, 2019

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