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Seravi Is A Swedish Startup

Seravi is a Swedish Startup. The company was founded by John-Fredrik Wright together with Mattias Björk, two serial entrepreneurs with a passion for maintaining simplicity in everyday life.

“We think that everyone deserves to be in control of the information they receive, to feel safe while discovering their world, and not be burdened by irrelevant notifications taking up time from what they really want to do. Seravi puts the world’s first ecosystem of relevant information in the palm of your hand, to help you move forward with ease”

– John-Fredrik Wright, Founder of Seravi

What Problem Are We Solving?

We over-consume data, but we still miss so much. With so much information continually thrown at us we don’t have a chance at figuring out what is relevant and what is not. Therefore we become passive information-avoiders, spending more time deleting irrelevant junk than we do actually gaining important information. We become incapable of noticing what information really effects our life, potentially deleting important information.

Seravi solves this problem by enabling users to build their own ecosystem of information, choosing what channels – from what organisations – to listen to. This way the user knows that the information received through Seravi is relevant and most likely important. They are therefore likely to actually read the information, which is not the case with information distributed through other media cluttered with irrelevance.

A user has yet another problem: there is a myriad of systems and apps that serve a single purpose. One for your school, one for your children’s daycare, one for your workplace, one for your county, one for your city, and so forth. This becomes a hassle since a user doesn’t necessarily want to allow all these apps to send them notifications, mainly due to them knowing that they will receive a bunch of irrelevant information from yet another app. Instead, Seravi is the app of choice for users to receive all relevant information in one easy-to-use, and clutter-free, environment.


The idea of Seravi has its roots in the founder’s everyday life: John-Fredrik and his family experienced a poor flow of information when the street that he lives on underwent maintenance, culminating in their water being turned off while they were all at home sick. They had missed the information that the water was to be shut off since they had not ventured out to check their mailbox for a couple of days. John-Fredrik wondered why the crew working on his street did not have an app (or any system for that matter) that enabled them to communicate with the people effected by their work. Seravi was born!

As the idea of Seravi matured into an actual business plan, Mattias Björk joined the effort. Together with a very competent developer-team they created what is now the Seravi system.

A majority of the year was spent creating, fine-tuning, iterating, and developing Seravi.
ALMI backs Seravi with a loan in turn backed by the E.U.

Accepted to “Inkubera“, Örebro University’s start-up incubator in Örebro, Sweden.

ALMI deepens its backing of Seravi by increasing the funds available for Seravi to develop and market the service

One of three companies nominated as “Innovation of the Year 2018” at ÖrebroGalan, a gala in Örebro

Apps go live in March, with users hungry for a better way to receive relevant information

The first organisations start using Seravi to send relevant information