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Stay updated when your world changes.

Seravi is your ecosystem of information. You decide what is relevant or not. No matter what your day looks like, or what your routine is; if something affects your life, you’ll be instantly notified.
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Seravi Can Save Your Life

Having the Seravi App installed on your phone can literally save your life. Warnings will let you know when something life-critical happens where you are.

Tweak It Your Way

You choose what is relevant

Choose what channels to listen to. This way you will only receive notifications that are really relevant to your life.

Receive Relevant Avis

The information delivered to you comes directly from the source. True and trusted.

Trust in Seravi

Organizations using Seravi have agreed to only send information. This means that you will not be disturbed with marketing or other stuff and fluff.

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Available for iOS och Android

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